Do Pontoon Boats Need Bathrooms?

Spending time on your pontoon boat is a lot of fun. You will never notice the day passing by. However, no matter where you are, you must answer the call of nature. And since you are in the middle of the sea, it will not disappear or wait till you are ashore. 

These scenarios are common for boaters, and each has their way of dealing with these things. Others tend to use the bathroom before setting off, and when they are in the water, they tend to hold it in. However, not everybody can do this. While it is frowned upon, some have no choice but to relieve themselves in the water.

Do pontoon boats have bathrooms? The answer to the question is YES; some pontoon boats do have bathrooms, especially the larger ones. But for moderate-sized, most have none. When you are looking for pontoon boats, it is necessary to find whether the boat you are buying has a bathroom or not.

If you have established that the boat you are eyeing for has no bathroom on board, don’t worry because there are solutions. Read this article as we explore the reasons why you need to have a bathroom in your pontoon boat and explore different options to have one.

Why Do You Need a Bathroom for Your Pontoon Boat?

There are many reasons why you should have a bathroom in your pontoon boat. Here we will be discussing each to understand the necessity of a toilet, even a portable one.

Long Trips

The longer you are in the water, the more you’ll enjoy your pontoon boat. Most of these trips usually happen on more expansive bodies of water. If you are planning on long-distance trips far longer than usual, you should equip your boat with a portable bathroom. It would be impossible to go back to the marina just because you or one of the passengers need to heed the call of nature.  

Without a portable bathroom, it would be disappointing to go back after being miles out in the water just to use the bathroom. Relieving yourself in the water is not an option, either.

Younger Boat Passengers

Young kids love to be on the boat. It’s an adventure for them. But you know how kids are, they have small bladders. They cannot help themselves, and when they need the toilet, they mean business. Unlike adults, they cannot hold it and relieve themselves when they feel like it.

Without a toilet in your pontoon boat, they will wet themselves. It can be an embarrassing situation and messy too. Save yourselves from cleaning up the mess and trying to appease a crying child. Make sure that the boat has a portable bathroom to offer your special passengers.

Passengers with Medical Conditions

Your pontoon boat should be ready for all kinds of passengers, including those with medical issues that need them to use the toilet whenever necessary (in other words, more frequently). Some of these medical issues may include constipation hemorrhoids and diarrhea. Another kind of passenger that has similar needs are senior passengers.

Your other passengers will be disappointed if you must turn back to the shore and cut your trip short just because one of your passengers has to take care of their issues. Another possible scenario would be your passenger may not be able to hold it much longer or worsen their condition. Having a portable bathroom in your pontoon boat will have them covered.

Solutions If You Don’t Have Bathroom in Your Pontoon Boat

Many boat enthusiasts swear that finding a pontoon boat with a bathroom is very rare. It is a feature that is so uncommon; it’s like finding a unicorn. So, let us assume that the boat does not have one.

So, what are you going to do when one of the passengers must answer the call of nature? Well, you have three options: keep the trips short to an hour or two, go back to the marina when someone needs to use the bathroom, or have a portable toilet.

The first option is boring; it’s like taking a ride at one of the attractions in an amusement park. The second option is a waste of time and gas. The third option is the most feasible.

The main reason why most pontoon boats don’t have a built-in bathroom is that it will take a lot of space for the holding tank. Lucky for you, there are varied options for portable toilets that you can purchase in retail stores or online.

You can also set up a small bathroom area on the side of the boat with simple hacks using a changing curtain and portable toilets, like the one they use in camping. It is a simple DIY project that is easy to set up. Your family and friends will be grateful to you for not having to resort to desperate measures when nature calls while on your boat.

Lucky for you, I’ve already reviewed the Best Portable Toilets For your Pontoon Boat Bathroom. I’d highly recommend that you check it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what value you can get for your money!

Buying Guide for Portable Toilets

We have established that a portable bathroom for your pontoon boat should be a priority. Here are some of the features to look for when buying portable toilets for your boat.

  • Weight and size – The portability of the toilet will depend on its shape and size. If you want a portable toilet, you should pay special attention to its dimension and weight. You should also go for lightweight and compact designs.
  • The capacity of the waste tank – No matter how sophisticated the portable toilet is, you still must empty it now and then. Consider the capacity of the waste tank before buying. Decide based on the number of people who will use the toilet.
  • Stability – The last thing you need is to sit on a wobbly toilet seat while cruising. Don’t forget to check on this. It should be able to accommodate any weight without collapsing. Go for a high-quality and sturdy model; it will have the stability you need.
  • Flush type – There are different types of flushing systems available. You can choose between push-button, manual bellow, piston, or battery-operated. The choice is yours, and it will depend on your intended use and hygiene preferences.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, having a bathroom in your pontoon boat should be your top priority, especially if you are planning to spend lots of time on your boat or take your family with you. Use our buying guide to create a private area to answer the call of nature. It will make the boat ride more fun and comfortable.

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