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Boat Items CheckList – Equipment You Need On-board!

Boating is more than just an activity; it is a passion few of those who sail and venture out into the vast bodies of water can understand.

To ensure that one’s boat voyage is joyous and purposeful, it is important that a comprehensive planning is done beforehand and that all the safety and safety precautions have been undertaken.

For that to happen, we have devised a boat items checklist that you might want to consider viewing and reading about, if you are to go boating.

All boating trips are different and carry various demands to meet the safety and security requirements of the boat’s passengers. Each trip must be planned carefully prior to departure and the necessary precautions should be taken accordingly.

Some of the features of every boat trip remain the same and it is in these matters, that no compromise should be undertaken.

Making a Boat Items Checklist:

Devising, and later using the checklist has been in convention since ages and not just in the domain of sailing and boating. Any task that carries a burden of safety and security is often complemented by a series of checklists and criteria that are essential to be met to have a memorable boat trip.

Apart from the basic tools and equipment, and some other items that are always needed in the pre-departure checklist regardless of the nature of the boat trip, some variable factors should also be considered that meet the specific conditions of the boat trip under consideration.

In other words, while life vests are always required in any and every boat trip, the extra fuel to be taken depends on the nature and the circumstances of the boat trip.

On a sunny day with low tides and slow but steady breeze, a 2-hour trip along the coastline warrants perhaps only a few gallons of extra fuel; in contrast a boat trip that is rather long necessitates that even more extra fuel be taken along in case they might have to use it.

It is thus that we advise that the following factors be considered before we get to make a checklist:

The Boat Items Checklist

Now that we understand what a checklist is, how it can be devised on the nature of the boat trips, and what items in the checklist remain constant; we can begin to form a comprehensive list of items that must be taken at the boat trips.

The following list contains and details the equipment and items that must be carried in the boats in boat trips:

Essential Boating Items

Life Jackets and Flotation Devices

Having life jackets on board is self-evident as they form the most basic survival tool on water, preventing its user from drowning.

At least a single government approved Personal Flotation Device should always be kept on-board per single passenger.  In case that you boat alone, make sure to keep a spare flotation device in case of even further emergency.

If the boat is larger than 16 feet, having onboard a throwable type4 PFD is also a must.

Fuel and Oil

Make sure that your boat tank is full of fuel before you depart. Keep extra fuel and oil for boat parts in safe cans. The quantity of fuel should be as such that it could provide enough run time for a safe return to land, so always make sure to take extra precautions on your boating journey by carrying more fuel than it’s required.

Sound-Producing Devices & Distress Signals

This item is perhaps one of the most important one on this list. We often get too excited while packing up for a boating journey and as a result, we forget to take some of the most important measures to ensure our safety. As we’re all familiar with the term “care is better than cure”, it’s best not to miss out on this important stuff or you may regret it later.

Make sure that you have at least 2 air horns and whistles and bells to alert and communicate over long distances in the sea during emergencies. In addition to this, you should also carry a flare gun and some flares for the same purpose of producing a distress signal. Lights and strobe lights should also be carried along.

Spare Parts and Tools

Carry all the necessary spare parts that you might need to replace in case the boat malfunctions. Of course, it is also apt that appropriate tools for this purpose be carried along too. Some of these spare parts include; a bow, stern, propeller, starboard, port, hull and gunwale. Additionally, you also need to keep a nails and hammer to fix the broken or damaged parts of the boat.


In case that you might need to produce the boat documents and otherwise, to law enforcement or other government agencies, just as is the case with driving cars on highways, to avoid undue trouble make sure that you have on board all of it.

Other than legal documents, make sure of having the necessary charts and maps, manual and some1 other technical documents that might come in handy.

First Aid and Emergency Ration

The cases of people going missing and getting stranded on a seemingly simple boat trips is uncommon but not unheard of. And regardless, consider it of great importance to have a first aid kit along with some emergency food and medical supplies in case things take a bad turn.

Do not forget to carry ample drinking water.

Some Other Essentials

This section can advance well beyond the limits of this writeup. Suffice it to say that

If the weather is cold, then all the necessary cold weather clothing and heating equipment to stay warm.

These form the bulk of the other items that must be carried on board a boat at all costs.

Recommended Boat Items Checklist

The following category of items fall under those items that are recommended but are not so to speak obligatory to have.

Ventilation Equipment

On an electrically powered boat, to make sure the enclosed spaces are well ventilated it is necessary to have blowers or fans running at least during the sunny hours. The sea and large water bodies tend to get too hot and humid and under these conditions the passengers may suffer from the immense humidity in the boat cabin.

Fun Items

Well, these are the least of our concern as regards the safety and security of the boat passengers. However, it the fact remains that apart from the main items all functioning as a utility to the functional aspect of boat rides; the human element remains amiss.

It is therefore recommended that some items unrelated to the boat itself but those necessary to ensure a fun and meaningful time onboard a boat be carried as well.

These would include the fishing tools if one intends to fish or music stereos, or perhaps even a barbeque grill and cooking equipment or stove and utensils.

Snorkeling and Diving Equipment too are a must if one intends to explore the seas or lakes.

To sum it up, if the fun items pose no safety or security concern, you’re good to carry them along.

Fishing rod

As mentioned above, it’s best to carry to carry along some important fishing tools on a boat so obviously, fishing rod deserves a mention on this list.

Having this item on your boat can be useful in a wide range of situations. As we’re all aware of the fact that boating can sometimes become rough and boring, so in order to combat those feelings, a fishing road is a must have item. In addition to this, if you’re accompanying someone on your journey, a fishing rod can help to keep your guests occupied while you’re focusing on other important stuff.

If you’re interested in surf fishing, I have a created an article which reviews some of the best surf fishing rods on the market. If this is something you’re interested in Click Here.

Afterword and Conclusion

Now that our boating checklist is complete, it is safe to assume that the reader has formed an idea about things to carry on-board a boat. Having an enjoyable time is the end which one tends to make the means for. We hope that that means has been achieved.

Have a list, carry the items that fall on that list, add a few more, and most importantly: enjoy and have a safe boat ride.

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