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15 Best Towable Tubes for Kids (2019 Reviews)

Throwing your kids around on the water can be great fun for both parties. The kids absolutely enjoy this activity. The thrill of being flipped around in the water on a tube is like that of being on a roller-coaster.

Who would have thought being dragged across a lake and launched off into the air when you can’t hold on any longer would have been so fun?

There’s simply not a better water activity to partake in. I cannot stress to you enough how much fun this really is. In this article, I’ll be recommending the best towable tubes for kids.

Not all towable tubes will provide the same experience. Towable tubes can differ greatly, providing unique experiences. For example, some tubes will allow for more air when launched, whereas some will not glide as well. Some tubes require the passenger to take different positions, such as laying down or sitting down.

Depending on the age of your kid and their experience with towable tubes, you’ll want to purchase a tube which best suits them. For example, you don’t want to have a kid who’s still nervous about towable tubes and has never used one, to be using a tube which requires them to be lay down on their stomach. This can be terrifying if they’re not confident, and will ruin their experience. For a beginner kid, I’d highly recommend a tube which they can sit down in.

A good tip for beginner kids is to purchase a tube which will accommodate for two passengers. This will allow the kids to share the experience with their friend or relative. This should decrease their nerves and allow them to have a more enjoyable experience. If you plan to do this, I’d highly recommend that you keep the whipping of the tube to a minimum to reduce the risks of injury to the kids. If the tube is shaking around a lot, there is a chance that they could collide into each other and knock heads.

Some boats won’t be able to provide enough speed to accommodate for the most fun possible when using towable tubes. If this is the case, then I’d highly recommend you purchase a booster ball from Amazon. This ball will reduce drag and absorb shock. This will in turn, improved the fuel economy of your boat. The ball I’ve recommended is extremely high quality, built for long term durability.

A common mistake that some beginners make is that they forget to purchase a pump for their tubes. Many people believe that any old pump will work. This is not the case for many however even if your pumps work, it may not be good for your tubes. You need a high-quality pump which will inflate and increase the life span of your tubes. I’d recommend this pump from Amazon.

It may be a good idea to purchase multiple towable tubes. It’s always great to have some variety when participating in any activity. Doing the same thing over and over can be somewhat repetitive and eventually the thrill won’t be the same. Therefore purchasing a few different types of towable tubes may be a good idea.

Another reason I’d recommend having multiple types of towable tubes is because if multiple kids are going to be participating, they may be on different experience levels. Meaning that one tube may not be suitable for everyone. For example, one kid could be a confident tuber and enjoy going as fast as possible whilst being launched as high as possible. Whereas another kid may still be nervous and prefer going a bit slower than the other. This would mean that you’ll need to have at least two different towable tubes.

To make identifying the best towable tubes for your kids, easier. I’ve divided the list of the best towable tubes into three sections. The first being for beginner kids, the second being for intermediate kids and the third being for the experienced. This will allow you to purchase the most suitable tube for your children.

5 Best Towable Tubes for Beginner Kids

SPORTSSTUFF 53-1780 Chariot Warbird 2

This is by far my favorite towable tube for beginner children. It has so many features and specifications which make it perfect for those who are still nervous about towable tubing and have very little experience. The Chariot Warbird accommodates for 2 people, meaning you could have two kids ride together – which should calm their nerves significantly and allow them to experience the activity together. This tube also has a very sturdy build, along with grips, making it very hard for anyone to fall out. This design will allow kids to feel safe therefore they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

I believe that this is the best towable tube you could purchase for beginner kids or those who are still nervous about the activity. This tube is built to make them feel safe which is the most important factor required for beginners. If they don’t feel safe, then they won’t have fun. Therefore, I think this is by far the best towable tube you could buy for beginners.

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2213 Big Mable

This is another great towable tube for beginners. The biggest difference between this choice and the first is the fact that this tube doesn’t have a rounded wall and wings. This reduces the amount stability slightly however this makes for a very sturdy and sage tube. It’s very common to use this tube backwards, with many grips, this is made easy. Riding this tube backwards could increase the passenger’s confidence due to the large wall between them and the water. This is another top recommendation for beginners.


This is a beloved classic tube, a favorite with the kids. The main attraction of this tube is the fact that it can accommodate for 3 riders. The more, the merrier. It’s always more fun to participate in an activity with others, which is why the hot dog is so popular. This also makes it great for beginner children as having other kids with them will make them more comfortable and calm their nerves.

The hot dog is very cheap, costing only a fraction of the price of some more complexed towable tubes. This is mainly because it doesn’t have all the features which make other tubes more stable such as the wall or wing.

The design of the hot dog towable tube allows for greater speeds which makes it perfect for those who’s boats lack the factor of speed. Due to its minimalistic design, the hot dog is nowhere near as stable as the Big Mable or Chariot Warbird. This means that you’ll want to be careful when picking up a lot of speed and throwing the tube about. If the tube is shaking around a lot, there is a chance that riders could collide into each other and knock heads. Also, due to the speed which this tube can reach, and the lack of stability – it’s more likely that a kid may fall off into the water, which could be scary for a beginner.

Airhead AHTM-4 Tremor

The Tremor by Airhead is another great tube for beginners. With a circular, horseshoe shaped wrap, riders will feel embraced and safe. A trend which you’re probably noticing by now is that the beginner tubes tend to accommodate for more than one person. This tube does exactly that, with a capacity of 1-4 people. There’s plenty of room for a small family. Though it’s not recommended, and I’d suggest you only fill a tube to its advertised maximum capacity, I’ve heard of people fitting up to 6 small children inside.

With many handles and knuckle guards, as well as soft knee pads, this is a very comfortable tube. I can assure you, you’ll have a ‘boat load of fun’ if you purchase this tube.


This is very inexpensive tube which has a lot to offer. Don’t be fooled by the price and thinking this is a low-quality tube because it’s great bang for your buck. This is a great tube for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want the full towable tube experience.

This is a very stable tube with a deep cockpit which kids almost sink into. This holds them in tight, making it very difficult for them to be thrown out. The inflated floors which the child sinks into is also very comfortable.

The Mach 2 also allows for 2 riders, so siblings or friends can experience the activity together. This will overall make the activity twice as fun. Experiencing something on your own is never as fun as enjoying it with one of your favorite people.

5 Best Towable Tubes for Intermediate Kids

Airhead Slash II Rope

The Slash 2 by Airhead is one of the best towable tubes for kids who have some experience with some confidence however are not completely ready to be thrown into the air yet. I’d highly recommend it for intermediate kids.

The durability of this tube is great. Advertised as being made from the highest quality materials – this tube lives up to this statement. If used in accordance to it’s weight capacity and with reasonable usage – this tube could last, you a year or two. This will allow you to get the best bang for your buck.

This tube has an advertised rider capacity of 3. This is more than enough people for a great time. Also, with a max weight of 500 pounds this could accommodate for 2 adults and a kid if you wanted to enjoy this tube with your spouse and kid.


Another great choice for an intermediate towable tube is the AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2. This tube had to be in my top 5 picks. If you haven’t noticed by now, Airhead produce some of the best towable tubes on the market. Airhead always produce well designed, quality products which work especially well for children.

I’ve already recommended this tube as great for beginners, however I believe it’s just as good – if not better for intermediate kids. This is the tube which I’d recommend you purchase if longevity is a big factor for you. This is because this tube is very suitable for different types of experience levels. It’s an overall great tube.


The G-Force by Airhead is a very popular tube which has been around for a long time. This tube is a lot different from all the other tubes which I’ve recommended so far.

This is a circular tube which requires riders to lay on their stomach. This is a great choice for intermediate tubers. When laying on stomach is taking tubing to the next level. When laying down, this activity becomes 10x as exciting. This is a very minimalist tube which doesn’t have any walls or seats. This takes away the sense of safety and makes the ride much more thrilling.

This tube accommodates for up to 3 riders. This is probably the sweet spot for tubes as anymore than 3 people will weigh down the tube, thus increasing the risk of injury and slowing down the towing boat.

SPORTSSTUFF 53-1661 Frequent Flyer

The Frequent Flyer is a ridiculously amazing towable tube. This tube will provide you and your kids with the utmost best fun. This is a very similar pick to the G-Force by Airhead. Though the Frequent Flyer is great – I’d still recommend the G-Force over it. Regardless, this is one of the best tubes for intermediate kids.

This is another circular tube which requires riders to lay on their stomach as opposed to sitting down. When laying down you feel more vulnerable than when you’re sitting down. Which will make the ride much more exciting. This tube also has a recommended rider capacity of 3 people. This tube can perfectly fit 3 adults.

RAVE Sports Diablo II

The Diablo 2 by RAVE is another great towable tube, especially for intermediate kids. Though it’s not as great as the other picks, it deserves an honorable mention. For sure a tube you should consider. This tube has a maximum rider capacity of 2 people. Which is great as it means that kids can experience the activity together without having to worry about too many people slowing down the boat.

5 Best Towable Tubes for Experienced Kids

AIRHEAD Super Slice

The Super Slice produced by Airhead is without doubt, one of the best towable tubes for experienced kids. The main attraction to this tube is the speed which it accommodates for. As the name suggests, the tube ‘slices’ through water and allows for maximum speeds. This is essential for speed demons who love nothing more than being dragged across water at lighting fast speeds.

The Super Slice has a maximum rider capacity of 3 riders which is great for those who want to experience the fun with their friends. With 6 nylon-wrapped handles, there’s plenty of leverage to prevent riders from falling off into the water.

O’Brien Super Screamer

The Super Screamer by O’Brien is also a top pick for towable tubes for experiences kid, as well as adults. This tube is very similar to the Super Slice however I don’t believe that it can reach speeds as high as the Super Slice. Though, the Super Screamer has a more stable build and made from higher quality materials. Overall, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of speed – this may be a better option over the Super Slice.


This is the most unique towable tube in this article. I’ve decided to add something a little bit different to add some spice to this list. The Gyro by SPORTSSTUFF is a weird and whacky towable tube. After using the typical towable tubes for so long, you and your kids may want to try something new – and the Gyro is perfect for such a situation.

This is a bullet-shaped tube which spins the rider 360 degrees whilst they’re thrown around the lake. This is perfect for thrill seekers who love a heart pumping activity. Riders will barely be able to glimpse and eye at what’s happening whilst they’re being span around and thrown.

O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe

Last but not least is the Super LeTube Deluve by O’Brien. This is one of the best towable tubes for experienced kids. O’Brien have some great tubes, perfect for experienced kids. Not only is it built from high quality materials, but it also can provide immense speeds. With a maximum rider capacity of 2 riders – this is great for those who want to experience the ride with someone else.


Every single last towable tube which I’ve mentioned in this article are great tubes. However, each one works best with specific experience leveled riders. This article can apply for adults just as much as kids however whilst writing this I had kids in mind. Adults could easily begin straight off at the experienced tubes whereas a kid would be better off starting with the beginner tubes.

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