What to Wear on A Yacht Dinner- Party In Style 2022

You scored an invite to a yacht party, Lucky you! Well, the next question in most people’s minds is usually ‘What do I wear,’ you don’t want to look out of place. It’s important to look and feel good while going out, and a yacht party is no different. 

While for most of us choosing what to wear can be a bit intimidating, you don’t need designer wear to look good. A simple attire plus accessories can just do the trick but, always have in mind that in a boat, safety is paramount and that even includes clothing.

As a guest, you must behave and dress appropriately. For this article, we are going to delve deeper and provide a detailed guide on what you should wear on a yacht dinner, especially for night events. So, let’s fire away!

Yacht Clubwear Don’ts

Yacht club attires can vary from time to time, depending on the vent and the time of the day. Regardless, some clothing just is not acceptable regardless of how good or chic you might look on them. 

For those who care about how they appear, here are some of the attires that you should always avoid:

Flip Flops

During any mealtime, this rule applies everywhere, and a yacht dinner is no exception. Even though going to the beach, you might feel like walking bare feet, but it’s unhygienic, I always recommend wearing closed-toe shoes or sturdy sandals.

Torn or worn clothing

An attire showing signs of being torn or worn out, a loose button is a no-no! And should be left at home.

Baseball hats or other hats 

When it comes to hats, Yachts’ have a preference for men removing their caps while aboard, and you can save yourself the shame of being turned away by not wearing them.


When choosing what shirt to wear, you might to be a little bit careful. For men, a collared shirt is appropriate, while if you feel like going casual, a polo shirt will do the trick. Tank tops for both women and men can be a little bit too skimpy as they don’t hide underwear and can be right for other occasions. 

Attires for different events

Dance party

For an evening dance party, you can go for casual nightclothes. The material of the clothing is very important; its fabric must be flowy, soft, and thin. We all know how chilly it getsnight, and Light jacket is acceptable. 

For men:

For men, you can go for comfortable jeans, pants or khaki. You should accompany your pants with casual polo or a dress shirt; both options will make you look stunning and fashionable; for outwear, a light jacket is recommended.

For footwear, to complement your outfit, a Sperry men boat shoes should do the trick. Also, a non-marking shoe can go with any outfit that you decide to wear that night.

Note, a dance party is a casual affair, and wearing formal footwear is not suitable for that particular type of event.

For women:

For ladies, waist dresses and skirt with flounces is the perfect option. You can also wear colorful tops and loose pants, giving you that summer vibe, especially if the night is a bit warm.

If you want to look cuter and more girlish, you can wear a wrap or jacket that matches the colors of your outfit. You can also wear; long assorted dresses and you can pair them with earrings. However, it’s vital to avoid heavy make-up or a lot of jewelry; remember you need to look presentable for the event

For footwear, you can decide to go with flats or low-heeled sandals as they match with any type of outfit. Ladies, please avoid high-heels as they are not suitable for dancing and you want to avoid falling overboard.

Cocktail party

For men:

Cocktail attire is a bit dressier but not as formal as black-tie. For men, you can wear dress slacks together with a tie and matching jacket; you can also go with a full suit, but remember the color should be neutral or subdued rather than bright colors. 

For accessories, you can go with matching footwear and a black leather belt. When it comes to shoes, you should go for black/brown leather shoes that match your belt, or Oxford styled shoes.

Loafers can also give you an attractive appearance. Here is something you should pay close attention to; your socks should match the color of your pants.

For women:

For ladies, their cocktail dresses must be mid-length or knee-length made of the subtle or solid fabric print. When it comes to the choice of color, you might want to tone it down a bit; a black dress is a perfect choice. 

Another trend that is slowly gaining popularity is the women’s pantsuit. When it comes to accessorizing invest in quality jewelry, go for a singular piece statement and a clutch bag. Always avoid shoulder bags as they don’t go with the ambiance of the event.

When it comes to shoes, sandals or flats is the best choice as it will allow you to light up the dancefloor.

Business party/dinner

Whether you are meeting your workmates or going for business functions regardless of the time, evening wear is not recommended. For most parties, the dress code is usually business-casual, which tells you its more about professionalism than glamour.

For men;

When it comes to shirt options, you can wear a polo shirt or button-down that matches your khaki pants. For outwear selections, you can go to a sports coat, blazer, or sweater that can either be brown or black. Other Yacht clubs may specify you dress casually or smart.

For footwear, you can put on oxfords, flat or loafers; they are all gorgeous options.

For women:

For ladies, there are plenty of options. You can wear dress pants, a skirt or wrap dress with a long-sleeved dress that will give you a chic and elegant appearance.

When it comes to accessories, don’t overdo it; go for low-key bangles, necklaces, or earrings. On your feet, ballet flats or kitten heel are more appropriate options to go for.

Dinner party

Dinner attire is dependent on the cruise line the company’s dress code; some cruise lines may give a general guideline while others may insist on a specific outfit while others may leave that to decide for yourself.

Well, but always keep in mind that a dinner party may range anywhere from casual, resort casual, formal, or semi-formal. Depending on the stipulated guideline, you may choose what to wear.

For men:

As for gents, the formal evening outfit may include a dark suit that matches your footwear; you can also go for a tuxedo with a plain official shirt. The plain shirt should always match your pants. One of the don’ts for the dinner party is boat shoes, khakis, and polo shirts.

For the casual dress code, you can wear khakis, golf shirts, and button-ups. When it comes to footwear, you’ll never go wrong with tennis or oxford shoes; you can also accentuate your outfit by wearing a bright cardigan or pullover.

For casual dinners, the dress code is something non-collared shirts, jeans, and sneakers. You can also wear a t-shirt if the dress guideline stipulates so.

For women:

For formal dinner, women are advised to go for a Whole-length gown with nicely done hair and quality jewelry, and kitten heels will make you look like a princess. You can also go with black or white knee-length skirts and long-sleeved tops that will match your kitten heels.

When it comes to a semi-formal dinner, you can decide to go with a cocktail dress with sandals. Other attires that are appropriate for the night include capris, sundresses, knee-length skirts.

As for your feet, flip flops and stilettos are suited for the event. For a casual evening dinner, you can wear a pair of sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts. Not that swimwear’s and tank tops are too revealing and may not be suitable for the night.

Yacht attire for kids 

When it comes to kids’ clothing, they should also conform to the yacht stipulated guidelines for grownups. Who wouldn’t want their kids looking dashing like the parents, we all do? You can dress your kids in the same outfit as yourself.

Final word  

For a yacht dinner, different events require a variety of outfits or attires. For those going on a date night, you should always strive to adhere to the guidelines and wear something attractive that will make you feel bold, confident, and beautiful.

Whether it’s a formal or casual evening dinner, we have extensively discussed various outfits and provided quick tips that will help you come up with a perfect dinner yacht outfit. A good-looking outfit is a recipe for an enjoyable night out.

Now that you are fully aware of the attires and outfits that can be work to different events go out there and have fun. Cheers!

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