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What Food to Bring on A Boat Trip (7 Best Meals)

Are you planning a boat trip? If your previous boat trip was not as smooth as you expected it to be, make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake. List down everything you need from the tools, gadgets, and foods you must bring. Packing tools and your device is easy, as it does not require preparation. But in preparing the menu, you need to bring it’s a different story.

When packing the foods, make sure that it is easy to pack, it will not leave a lot of mess, and most essentially, will keep hunger at bay during a boat trip.

Below are lists of food that you can bring along. Most of them fall under the healthy boat snacks category. Regardless of whether you own your boat or have been invited, I hope this list of snacks to take can make your trip hungry-free.

What to Consider When Preparing the Foods to Bring

You need to know what type of food you need to bring on a boat. There are things that you need to consider, like the temperature, the availability of the cooking equipment, how long a certain kind of food will last, and others.

Bringing pasta, fruit, cheese, eggs, veggies, rice, meat, bread, and milk is a good idea. You can do almost anything with these ingredients.  You must bring food that is easy to cook, won’t get easily spoil and will last long.

You can cook your meals at home, store them in the fridge and heat them on the boat. These meals should be able to last depending on the number of days you will be on a boat trip. Aside from the above ingredients mentioned, don’t forget to bring your drinks and beverages with you. If you need to bring your pets with you, make sure you bring along their food.

Meal Ideas You Can Bring on A Boat Trip

Below is a list of snacks that you can take on a boat trip. These snacks are the ones that are easy to purchase, prepare, pack, and do not require refrigeration.

Corn on the Cob

If you have a container like a cooler box that can keep the water cold or hot for hours much better, put some boiling water on it and add in your corn cobs, it will cook within a few hours. Your family and friends will have a great snack once they get hungry.

Corn can provide the energy you need to last the day because of its high carbs content. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and low in fat and protein. Those with a high level of sugar should be cautious in eating the cob as it can shoot up the sugar level. You can easily feed a lot of people with this.


This is one snack that most people do not forget. For health-conscious individuals, they would rather eat healthy crackers instead of eating junk foods. In choosing the cookies to bring on a boat trip, keep the following facts in mind. Most people consume a lot of this because it is convenient and easy to take on a boat trip. Choose a cracker that is –

  • Low or no added sugar
  • Contains whole grains as the first ingredient
  • Low amount of sodium
  • Low or no refined sugar
  • Does not contain artificial colors or artificial preservatives

Pasta Salad

If you want a snack and a meal at the same time, a pasta salad is a good one.  It is a complete and healthy food that is packed with carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins, and essential fats your body needs. You can add some meat, fruits, or veggie on it. Cooking it will only take you less than 20 minutes.

Some of the great-tasting and healthy pasta salad you can consider bringing include tuna with potato salad, carrot salad with anchovies, prawns with green noodles, pasta carbonara, and others. You don’t need to be a professional cook to prepare these salads.

You will enjoy this pasta salad for a few days while on a boat, as these meals do not spoil easily.


Of course, do not forget your favorite fruits. You can cut them up beforehand, or you can simply take some oranges, pears, or apples with you, or anything that you wish to take. Fruits can keep you hydrated all day, and they are one of the healthiest foods you can carry on a boat ride.

Sliced Veggies

Sliced veggies are easy to prepare, do not require special instructions in storing, and are very easy to eat all you need are forks or knives, which means there is no need to pack all your utensils.


This may surprise you, but popcorn is a healthy snack. It can provide the nutritional fibers you need to boost your metabolism. The food also contains a specific type of antioxidant known as polyphenol that is linked to many health benefits. Polyphenols can reduce vascular inflammation, lowers blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and other cardiovascular problems. Popcorn is also easy to pack, and you surely can’t go wrong.

Hot Dogs

Just like corn on the cobs, you can simply place the hot dogs in a smaller cooler box with boiling water and let it cook on its own. Within 20 minutes, you can feed your hungry companion with a delicious snack. You can place it on a stick or eat it with a slice of bread. You can bring along your favorite sauces.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that what you eat on land may not suit you on the water. For instance, if the soup is your favorite food at home, it does not mean you can eat it as well while at sea.

There is a certain food that is not easy to digest while at sea, so make sure you are aware of this. So, when packing your meals, it is essential to pack them appropriately, like using the right container and storing them properly. For your next boat trip, consider the above tips, and you will never get wrong.

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