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How To Remove Boat Decals [The Easy Way]

Owning a boat can be a truly rewarding experience. However, it is also one that comes along with a lot of responsibility.

This is probably even more so true for the individual that buys used. For most buyers, buying a used boat in today’s economy just makes more sense because you can save a bundle.

Buying used might save you money, but it sometimes means that you are left dealing with the previous owner’s choices. This could be a decal that you hate, or it might be an odd name. Sure, you can rename the boat, but have you ever tried to remove a pesky decal?

It seems like you can never fully get rid of those decals. You’re either left with half the decal or a sticky residue that sticks out like a sore thumb. With the following information, you can learn to remove those decals and stickers with ease.

Reasons to Remove A Boat’s Decal

When it comes down to it, there is a multitude of reasons to remove a boat’s decal.

You may have purchased the boat used. If that is the case, you may need to remove the old decal in order to change the boat’s name. Or, you may just wish to remove the old decal and play around with the graphics of the boat.

Finally, you may be interested in selling the boat. Removing the decal in advance may make the boat more attractive for prospective buyers.

Unfortunately, removing a boat’s decal is not going to be easy. If you do not do it right, there is a real possibility that adhesive residue is going to be left behind and that may diminish the boat’s value.

Before & After Decal Removal

How To Remove Boat Decals With Soapy Water

One way to remove the decal is with elbow grease. You just need a good plastic scraper. Make sure that it is soft enough, so it does not permanently damage the vessel. At the same time, you’re going to need a little soapy water.

Both are items that are easily accessible. You should be able to buy them at a local store. Try creating a solution consisting of one cup of water and a few drops of dish washing liquid. Apply the soapy water to the boat. Remember to be very careful with the scraper. Never use razor blades. They’ll do more harm than good.

Removing the Adhesive

Even if you’ve managed to remove the decorative decal, there is a real possibility that adhesive residue is going to be left behind. Not only is this visible, but it is also going to be sticky. That would be a real turnoff for a possible buyer.

The key to removing the adhesive is getting the right solvent. There is a fine line here though. Some solvents emit dangerous odors. You must be careful when choosing your solvent. Choose one that is strong, yet safe.

Simultaneously, it is vital to use a solvent that is not going to damage the integrity of the paint. It is advisable that you seek out professional assistance when attempting to find a solvent that is going to work well for this specific purpose. If you’re eager to learn how to remove boat decals, make sure you speak with a professional about finding the right solvent.

Use A Buffing Compound

Once you’ve removed the decal and the adhesive, you’re probably going to notice a difference in the boat’s paint. The decal and adhesive are gone. Still, the boat’s paint job is going to look off a bit.

You can solve this problem by utilizing a little buffing compound. Be sure to apply the compound to the entire surface of the boat. The area where the decal used to be will probably look new compared to the other areas that have been oxidized exposed. Therefore, you should use the buffing compound to make the finish more uniform.

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If you follow these steps, you’ll really have no trouble whatsoever removing the decal and restoring the boat’s finish to new.

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