Deck Boat VS Pontoon Boat [Detailed Comparison]

As you’ve probably already figured out, there are many types of boats out there.

They’re all different in one way or another.

Of course, there are a few boats that are somewhat similar.

This is the case when it comes to deck boats and pontoon boats. Their similarities make it very difficult for many people to tell them apart. Nevertheless, there are some fine differences between them.

Once you’ve managed to pick up on these differences, you’ll be able to tell them apart easily. With that being said, you should read this guide and learn about the similarities and differences between deck boats and pontoon boats.

It’s Deck Boat VS Pontoon Boat, let the battle begin!

Size And Space Comparison

One of the main differences when it comes to the deck boat vs pontoon boat is the size and space.

Ultimately, both boats are similar in this area.

They’re going to offer plenty of deck space so you can kick back and relax in the sun. You and several others will be able to enjoy the day without feeling cramped.

Both are perfect for family boating holidays and trips!

Pontoon boats have a blank slate-style so to speak. This means that they’re designed to increase the amount of space provided to the occupants.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of square railings on a pontoon boat. This ensures that you’ll have plenty of space for your grill, kayak, and other items.

The deck boat will provide plenty of space too.

There is just one difference. The deck boat isn’t nearly as ergonomic as the competition. The deck boat can generally hold more people. However, you’re not going to be as comfortable as you would on a pontoon boat.

If you’re buying a boat for relaxation and entertainment, it is best to go with a pontoon boat. The deck boat is good for transporting people but not hanging out and having parties.

Look And Shape Comparison

deck boat vs pontoon boat

Once you’ve taken a look at pictures of both boats, you’ll be able to tell a clear difference. The pontoon boat has a rectangular shape. The deck boat looks like a triangle near the front.

In fact, the deck boat resembles a speed boat. The pontoon does not. It almost looks like a bed floating out on the water.

This might not seem like a good thing but there are pros and cons for both. So, which is the clear winner when it comes to the deck boat vs pontoon boat?

It depends on what you’re after. A deck boat has a more refined look but it isn’t nearly as comfortable. The pontoon boat is all about having fun and being relaxed.

If you’re buying a boat for your family, the pontoon boat is the best option for you. The deck boat is a good option for people who want to fish or just get some point A to point B.

Power And Performance Comparison

While your primary goal may be to find a boat you can enjoy leisurely, there is a good chance that you want that adrenaline rush too.

If so, you’ll need to find out which boat is going to feed your need for speed.

Both can reach high speeds and you can have fun driving either. However, there is a clear winner in this category and it has a lot to do with the shapes.

Since the pontoon boat is rectangular, its maneuverability is decreased a little bit. It isn’t going to move around as much.

Nevertheless, you’re going to feel safer in the pontoon boat. The flat deck will make you feel safer and more stable.

Ultimately, you’re going to feel much more comfortable on a pontoon boat but it will lack a little bit of power.

If you want to know more about the speed of a pontoon boat, Click Here to read my guide on the average speed of a pontoon boat, with examples included.

The deck boat is better here. As mentioned above, it features the same type of style as a speed boat. This gives it more speed and maneuverability. This makes it possible for the deck boat to speed through those waves without any issues. It will outperform the pontoon boat. If you’re interested in getting from the starting point to the destination as quickly as possible, the deck boat is your best choice.

This is also a good option for people who want to have fun on the water. You’ll also find that the deck boat makes it easier for everyone to remain in one place. On top of that, the deck boat is a better option for those interested in partaking in water activities.

Boat Usability Comparison

There is no doubt that you’re going to be interested in using your boat in various ways. Well, both of these boats are very versatile in this category. They can both be used for transportation, relaxation, and water activities.

However, you should know that each is better in specific areas. For instance, the deck boat is the best choice for transportation. The boat is faster and its shape makes it easier to maneuver.

The deck boat is better for water sports too. After all, it is faster and can provide participants with lightning-fast speeds. The pontoon boat is okay in this category but it cannot compete with the deck boat.

However, the pontoon is better in some specific categories. It is a good choice for people who want to cook on their boat. The pontoon can easily hold a BBQ grill. It is also the best choice for people who want to bring a kayak or two with them.

This is the best choice for hanging out in the sun too. The pontoon boat is more comfortable. You can lay down and enjoy the sun’s rays. Again, both boats off plenty of functionality. However, both excel in specific areas. You need to find out what you want to do with your boat and go from there.

Which Boat Is Easier To Maintain?

Ultimately, maintaining a boat is not easy. It is just as difficult as maintaining a vehicle or a home. It is going to require a lot of work and effort on your end.

Nevertheless, some boats are indeed easier to deal with than others. When you look at both boats, you’re going to notice that the pontoon will feature a lot of aluminum. This makes it much easier to clean.

If you’re interested in a guide in which I explain the most effective way to clean an aluminium boat, Click Here to check it out.

The deck boat will feature a fiberglass hull and that can be tougher to keep clean. Each time you take the deck boat out onto the water, you’ll need to clean the fiberglass hull. That can be a hassle.

If you don’t clean it carefully, you’re eventually going to be dealing with water spots. Those might not be easy to remove.

Cost Comparison

Depending on the size of boat and engine, a pontoon could cost anywhere between $18,000 and $65,000. The most popular size of the pontoon boat is 22 inches. To run this size pontoon, you will need at least a 90hp engine, which will set you back about $35,000.

I have an article in which I go into detail on the cost of a pontoon boat. You’d actually be surprised! Click Here to find it!

A deck boat can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $42,000, depending on the size and engine. On average, a 19.5-inch deck boat with a 10-person capacity will cost $30,000. A 21.6-inch deck boat with a 12-person capacity will cost a little under $42,000. The beam for most deck boats is 102 inches.

Deck Boat VS Pontoon Boat Conclusion

Pontoon boats and deck boats are similar in many ways. However, they are also very different in how they are designed.

Knowing these similarities and differences will help you decide which of the two will suit your needs and preferences better.

There is no doubt that boating is a great past time. But, if you do not have the proper rig, it could take a lot of excitement out of your adventure.

If you are looking for a smooth ride, you should opt for the deck boat. If you are looking for a laid-back adventure, you should opt for the pontoon boat.

If you’re interested to know more about Pontoon Boats, I have an guide in which I explain the pros and cons of Pontoon Boats. Check it out.

Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you make a more informed decision for you.

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